Yes, You Can Be Confident in Your Writing, Even if You've Struggled in the Past.

The resources on this site can change the way you feel about writing and about yourself.

Whether your goal is to earn A’s on your college papers, publish a novel, or make more money as a freelancer, Writing with Confidence can take your work to the next level.

You may come to this site frustrated by your past experiences with writing; you may be just starting out and uncertain of your path, or maybe you’ve had some success and are looking for more. Whatever the case, the results of the past don’t have to determine the future. You can get new and better results, starting now.

You can achieve anything you desire in your writing and in your life.

The articles here will show you how it’s possible, not just for others, but for you. You’ll learn principles of success that apply to any type of writing, how to break down your writing goals into easily accomplished steps, and why you have to do more than just think positive.

What about talent, you may ask? In my experience teaching college writing courses and organizing a writers’ conference, I’ve come into contact with countless aspiring writers. Over and over I see that the ones with the most talent aren’t always the ones who succeed. I’ve seen brilliant students fail classes, and I’ve seen average writers catch the eye of literary agents.

What makes the difference isn’t talent; it’s action – the right action at the right time under the right circumstances. You may think you have no control over those factors, but you have more than you think. Writing with Confidence will show you how you can create the results you dream of.

Get started right now by making this the start-up page in your browser. The site is constantly being expanded and updated. Every time you come back, read just one or two articles. Print the ones you find most helpful, post them near your desk, and act on them.

Visit often, learn a little each time, and soon enough you’ll be Writing with Confidence.

The Writing with Confidence Blog
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