The Power of Seasons

In one hard time I went through, I suddenly found myself feeling better when nothing had seemed to change. All the same struggles and issues were present just like they had been, but one day I noticed, I was getting out of bed more easily. I had more energy and motivation. I didn’t feel so down. 

I looked around for anything that had altered, but nothing in my life or behavior was different. The only change was the season. It was spring.

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While all of us may not be diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, we can all be affected by the seasons – and not just seasons of weather. We each have our personal “seasons.”  

The month when a loved one dies may be a hard time for years to come. The time of year when a traumatic event happens may be a struggle every time it returns. Like clockwork, our internal calendar remembers, even if we don’t consciously notice. 

This is why we have to be patient with ourselves and with hardship. It may take several years before we even see the pattern and realize that we’re unhappy every winter or we get depressed every July. There’s no way to come to that knowledge any faster than to live through all those seasons, doing the best we can while we wait for clarity to come. 

Thankfully, seasons change. That’s one thing we can count on. So, as we’re struggling through a difficult one, we can be sure that it won’t last forever. 

Today’s thought: “The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.” Paramahansa Yogananda