About the Author

As a college English instructor and freelance writer for more than twenty years, I built this site to help people like you become more confident in their writing ability.

I believe that everybody can write well. When students tell me, "I'm just not a good writer," or "I've never expressed myself well on paper," I know that most likely the problem is not with them; it's with their process. They simply never learned the steps to a good finished product and how to make those steps work for them.

I teach and tutor more than a hundred students each year in ground and online classes at two- and four-year colleges. I've seen students who started out barely able to write a simple sentence go on to write four-page research papers with three sources in MLA style. I knew they could do it, and I know you can too.

I've also seen students go on to publish their writing in magazines and literary journals. So whether your goal is to improve your grammar, earn a good grade on a paper for school, or publish a book, there are resources here to guide you.

Best wishes in reaching your goals,

Dorothy Lehman