Why Is Teaching Writing So Challenging?

Teaching writing is a challenge for many reasons. This isn’t multiple choice land we’re living in. Our students are required to synthesize information, to evaluate and persuade. This is a skills course, and a lot of these skills aren’t taught or measured in other courses.

We know that, but our students don’t. So many of them come to us unprepared, with no idea what to expect. In college, they assume that composition must be easy because it’s a 100-level course. They have no idea the time and effort they’ll need to put forth to be successful.

For us, each student is a new challenge. They question, they struggle, they get frustrated, and so do we.

Being a writing teacher is no easy job. But it can be a rewarding one. You’ll find resources here to help you and your students to be confident and successful.

As an adjunct writing instructor for seventeen years at various colleges, both on-site and online, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of teaching writing. Whether you’re a brand new writing teacher or a veteran, at whatever level you teach from elementary to college, I hope you’ll find something here to make life easier.

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