Starting Over Again - Again

Sometimes in life we have to start a new project before the previous ones are even done. When I started writing my new book, I was leaving behind my previous project, a book that I believed in with all my heart but that I hadn’t had the time, energy or focus to bring to fruition.  

I saw that, in my life at that moment, it was time to try something new, and this new project was a better fit. But it was hard to walk away and leave a goal unmet. It felt like failure—jumping to a new goal when the previous one wasn’t achieved. 

I suppose there’s always time to come back to past goals. Maybe their time hasn’t come yet. Maybe the circumstances needed for their success don’t yet exist—in the world or in my life. 

Rather than do nothing, rather than give up, I’ll start again—again.  

 Maybe success means starting again as many times as it takes. Regardless, I won’t feel bad about starting over. I’ll feel good. Not mainly because I think this time will bring the success I’m looking for. But mainly I feel good because I’m doing something. I’m taking action in the direction of my dream.  

 No matter how many times we start over, we can always feel good about that.

Today’s thought: “Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.” Guy Finley

From Deliver Us From Evil: Daily Readings for Hard Times by Dorothy Lehman Hoerr   Photo credit: Visual Hunt